Terms and Conditions

Thank you for booking your motorhome holiday with North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire. The following terms and conditions have been created to protect the operator (North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire) and the hirer. Please read the following terms carefully as by signing terms and conditions the hirer agrees legally that they have read, understood and accept the details set out within this document.

1) Drivers

On collection of the motorhome the hirer will need to present their driving licence (both parts if new style photo card) and also 2 additional forms of identification, one a photo id e.g. passport and one a recent (within last 3 months) home id showing name and current address e.g. bank statement, phone bill, utility bill etc.

We will require your consent to conduct any checks we deem necessary to confirm your identity and proof of your address. This may include contacting an information reference agency such as Experian. We will request this information from you on confirmation of booking, so that we can complete the paperwork before you arrive. You must also bring all originals with you when you come to collect the Motorhome.

Drivers must be aged between 25 and 79, and have held a full licence for a minimum of 2 years and be in good health. Any endorsements (points) showing on a licence will be considered on an individual basis. Normally 3-6 points for speeding or traffic signal violations will not create a problem, but please check with us for confirmation of any additional insurance loading.

For visitors from abroad, licences need to be in English or an International driving permit needs to be presented with your national licence.

The final decision on suitability to drive rests with the company. No one other than the drivers named in the insurance proposal form may drive the hire vehicle.

2) Booking

You must pay the standard booking / security deposit of £100 to confirm the booking. By paying this deposit you are accepting these terms and conditions and a binding contract for the hire will come into existence. Confirmation of your booking will then be posted or emailed.

The balance of the rental costs will need to be paid 4 weeks before the start of your hire.

3)  Security deposit

On collection the damage deposit of £500 will need to be paid in cash.

If the motorhome is returned undamaged with the complete inventory, full of fuel, reasonably clean, with the waste water and toilet empty, the deposit will be refunded in cash.

This deposit can be paid by credit or debit card. If the deposit is paid by credit card, a 2% administration fee will be charged.

4) Insurance

Included in the price of hire is full comprehensive insurance, covering the motorhome and its equipment. Please note this does not cover your personal property and you are advised to arrange holiday insurance.The insurance is only valid for the driver(s) stated on the rental agreement and for the period of the hire from the specified collection date and time to the specified date and time of return. It is the responsibility of any driver to inform us of any endorsements / accidents in the last 6 years or still stated on their licence plus any medical conditions or restrictions that may affect their acceptance for insurance. Failure to adhere to all of the above may invalidate the vehicle insurance and constitute a traffic offence under the Road Traffic Act causing the driver to be liable to prosecution. Should the insurance policy become invalidated for any reason, we will hold you responsible for all damage to the vehicle, third party property damage and injuries, and any other related liabilities incurred (including fines). You will be liable for all costs and expenses incurred for speeding, parking fines, congestion charges,  or any other offences committed against the Road Traffic Act or other traffic regulations, and you agree to indemnify the company from any liability.

Our motorhomes have comprehensive insurance on the UK mainland for the named drivers listed on the hire agreement for the period of the rental.

5) Damage

In the case of accident or damage your liability is up to £1,000 per accident or incident and in the case of theft or write off you will be liable for up to £1,000.

Damage caused to tyres/wheels, wing mirrors, glass, underside of the vehicle or overhead damage (defined as over 6feet/1.85metres) or the filling up with the wrong type of fuel will be the hirer’s responsibility and is not covered by our insurance.

In the case of damage due to negligence or in the case of damage to the interior, the full cost of rectification will be charged.

North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire reserves the right to withhold all or part of the deposit to pay for any repairs, until such a time that the repairs may be completed.

You must inform North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire of any issues, accidents, incidents or faults with or relating to the vehicle or hire.

6) Booking

Bookings can be made by phone or in person. Our booking form must be completed and a deposit of £100 must be made immediately to secure your hire date. Confirmation of your booking will then be posted or emailed.

The balance of the rental costs will need to be paid 4 weeks before the start of your hire.

On collection the damage deposit of £500 will need to be paid in cash.

7) Cancellations

Should you need to cancel your rental we will endeavour to rehire the motorhome. If successful we will refund the re-hire value less a £50 administration fee.

However, if we are unsuccessful in re-hiring the motorhome and if the cancellation is more than 6 weeks prior to your booking you will forfeit your deposit.

If you cancel less than 6 weeks before your booking you will forfeit the deposit and any hire fees paid.

We recommend you take out adequate insurance to cover unforeseen cancellation.

If, on arrival to collect the motorhome, your licence is unacceptable due to endorsements, defacement or incorrect vehicle categories, no monies will be refunded.

8) Forced Cancellation by North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire

In the unlikely event where an unforeseeable situation occurs, which is unavoidable, whereby your motorhome is not available and no replacement can be agreed or sourced, all monies will be returned in full. However, North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire will not be held liable for any additional costs or compensation. North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire’s liability will be strictly limited to the return of all monies paid in full.

9) Motorhome Collection and Return


Please let us know at what time you wish to collect the motorhome. As long as it fits in with other hires, you should be able to collect your motorhome at the time that suits you. We do ask that you stick to agreed times.


When you make your booking, we will discuss a return time. If you are going to be late (or early!) for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. The hire insurance covers you until the agreed time, so if you are late and don’t inform us, you may be committing an offence. We may also charge you for being later than the agreed time. Late returns may incur fees at the rate of £50 per hour. We need people to be punctual in order to get the vehicles ready for our next customers!

As with collection, it takes about an hour for us to check the motorhome back in and complete the paperwork.

On return

All of our motorhomes are hired with a full tank of fuel, and need to be returned with a full tank. If this is not the case a £25 charge will be made plus the cost of the fuel.

The waste water must be emptied. The toilet must be empty and clean. If the toilet is not emptied, a service charge of £50 will be deducted from the deposit.

The motorhome will be checked for damage and the inventory for any shortages. If it is returned earlier or later than agreed, we may not be able to complete this in your presence.

There are no refunds for early returns.

When the vehicle is unattended, it must be locked, deadlocked and alarmed. Keys must be removed from the ignition when the vehicle is stationary.

12) Mileage

1200 miles per week are included. Any additional miles are charged at 25p per mile.

13) Breakdowns

All our Motorhomes carry full breakdown and recovery cover. In the case of breakdown or accident a 24 hour phone number is provided on the driver’s visor of the motorhome.

The hirer is authorised to spend up to £50 on repairs and will be reimbursed on production of a valid VAT receipt. For amounts above £50 authorisation will need to be obtained from North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire.

In the case of breakdowns which are the fault of the hirer (e.g. filling with the wrong type of fuel), any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the hirer.

14) Responsibilities and Liabilities

The hirer is responsible for any traffic offences committed against the Road Traffic Act, or parking fines or congestion charges whilst the vehicle is in their charge. Any charges that become evident after the hire will be deducted directly from the customers’ credit / debit card.

The hirer is responsible for damage to tyres, windscreens, and overhead damage (damage above 6ft/1.85m).

The hirer is responsible for locking doors and windows and setting the alarm when the vehicle is left unattended.

North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire can accept no liability for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation costs or consequential losses from a breakdown or accident.

North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire will make every effort to make sure your reserved motorhome is ready on time, but in circumstances beyond our control where the vehicle is not available and a suitable alternative is unavailable our liability will be limited to refunding the payments made.

When the vehicle is in motion passengers must be seated in the designated seats wearing the seat belts provided, the gas must be turned off and any items not bolted down made secure.

15) Animals

It should be possible to bring a well behaved pet! Please mention this when booking.

16) Smoking

North Yorkshire Motorhome Hire operate a strictly enforced no smoking policy.

If you decide to ignore this policy valeting charges will be incurred as will the cost of replacing any items damaged by or from the smell of cigarettes, pipes or cigars etc.